We are scientists and craftspeople

Understanding scientific complexity
to sculpt brand identity.

Codon65®  is a unique agency: we feel for science and have a deep understanding of its complexity. We build strong relationships with our clients to seek for the details permeating from their mission to their brand.

Agile processes tailored to biotech needs.

We have tailored our crafting process to the needs of companies in the biotech space. We envision brands to enhance their scientific uniqueness, fuel business and inspire company culture.

Designing to deliver best-in-class
digital products.

We have worked with international brands such as MasterCard or Santander Bank, as well as biotech companies. We use cutting-edge crafting and development technology to deliver bespoke digital products.

Deep-rooted and long-lasting value
for our clients.

We iterate to perfection without per-change fees and strive to deliver beyond expectations. We strive to deliver our brands in ways that ensure their value not only remains but expands.


Operations at Codon65® are designed to the needs of a fast-moving environment.

Designing for the mind & heart. Engineering to perfection.


First, we look across our partner’s organisation and immerse ourselves in their mission and technology. From founders to founders, we talk through the science that harbours the company's identity.


For us, brand identity is a conceptual universe that encompasses culture, vision and technology. We work on the identity and iterate to perfection to develop elegant and efficient brands.


Last, we make crafts tangible. Engineering lays at the heart of Codon65®. We strive to offer new perspectives on established assumptions, methods and solutions.

codon65-thinking global-background image

Thinking global.
Crafting local.
Made in friendship.



Research and Insight
Brand Positioning
Creative Strategy
Brand Audits

Brand Architecture
Competitive Analysis
Customer Profiles


Brand Identity
Investors pack

Report/Catalog design
Awareness campaign
Photo & Film


Website Design
App Design
Design System
User Experience

User Interface
Digital Experiences
2D/3D animation


API Integration
Technical Consulting

Web Development
App Development
Creative Development

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