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Cambridge Biocapital is the independent weekly newsletter covering  business, funding and science news in the world-leading British biotech & VC ecosystem.


Cambridge Biocapital was designed from the beginning as a digital product. It is an advance player from a new generation of newsletters going beyond outdated email platforms.




cambridge biocapital

Cambridge Biocapital brand universe was designed as a content-centric platform defined by the intersection of business, science and funding news. Cambridge is one of the most important biotech hubs in Europe. We time-travelled to the days were the cantabs used to visit to the market square to be informed of the city affairs.

The market square is a public place for discussion and exchange. We crafted a brand resembling such values and developed a seamless digital experience to leverage the power of a content-centric project.

The brand pictogram is made of segments forming a fluid chain with intercorrelating dependency. We stayed away from the classic conception of brand color and build an ecosystem based on the primary colours. The pallet was designed to be a structural tool to the brand and website.

Cambridge Biocapital identity universe taps into the new classic style and contemporary functional aesthetics.

Cambridge Biocapital website was built as a digital platform able to expand as the project requires. It is a content-centric experience that focuses on readability and a balanced combination of impactful and minimal typefaces. We strive to develop a fast-loading, safe and scalable the platform responsible for every available viewport.

User interface was a pivotal feature of the project. We built discrete and minimalistic interactions throughout the site, focusing on facilitating the subscription process, navigation and reading.

Best-in-class technology development to deliver recognition and adaptability across all