Codon65®. Beyond codes.

Codon65® is a digital product agency born to create elegant, efficient brands and agile experiences for every endeavour within the biotech space.

We are scientists and craftspeople and work in friendship with our clients and partners.

We aim to develop elegant and efficient identities that speak to the heart and the mind, brands that fuel business and culture.

Andrea Martos and David Hidalgo, Founding Partners.
Codon65®. Thinking Global. Crafting Local. Made in Friendship.

Codon65® is not a company. It is neither a startup nor a studio. It is an experience, one forged during more than 18 years of friendship. We met at school in a small town to the south of Madrid (Spain) and have been hermanos ever since.

In 2022, we created Codon65® without patrons or godparents, after years of experience working together and mutual understanding of our rather different fields of expertise. Codon65® is a rare beast: an arts man and a woman of science setting up a venture to bring swish brands and swift operations into the biotech world.

Andrea Martos, PhD.c
Founder & Managing Director

Andrea, M.Sc.Eng. PhDc., is a biochemist & pharmaceutical engineer who graduated with honours from top universities in the UK, Denmark and Spain. She has held numerous scientific roles across different academic laboratories, biotech & pharma industry.

She has +10 years of experience partnering with biotech founders to design funding strategies, immersive narratives and a range of digital products tailored to scientific needs.

David Hidalgo
‍Founder & D Director

David is a Senior Digital Product Designer specialised in UX/UI Design, branding and arts.

He has worked with international brands such as MasterCard, Coca-Cola Company, IKEA, L’Oreal Paris, and Santander Bank and has partnered with world-class design agencies to create impactful campaigns.